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DJ on Mic

For Artists

Are you an Artist/DJ? 

If you would like to preform on our future events, feel free to contact us.  Let us know in an email your genre, your SoundCloud/Spotify, what past event you have played if any and anything else you would like us to know.  Regardless of if you are a up and coming artist or a well established one, contact us.

Photographer on Road

For Content Creators 

Are you a content creator?

If you are a photographer, videographer, influencer or following another creative path and want to work on one of our events contact us.  Let us know about your work.  Link towards your website, YouTube, Instagram is appreciated.  We are interested in a long term and short term work opportunities and media services.    

Music Festival

For Vendors

Are you a vendor?

If you are apart of a company that sells products at festivals we would like to have your information.  We are interested in brands that sell clothing and apparel along side with companies sell food and beverages.  We will let you know about our future events that take place.  

Image by Zachary Smith

For Venues

Are you a venue owner?

If you have a venue you want put to good use, our team will help out with that.  We are specifically looking for places in NY but interested in places all across America. Warehouses, commercial spaces, boat venues, outdoors spots etc. If you want more customers alongside with a stronger presence for you venue, contact us you information.


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